Friday, August 21, 2009

How to keep Coffee Fresh for Months - Get a Perfect Cup of Coffee

I am one of those who loves to have a perfect cup of coffee every morning!

I am not an Eight O'Clock Coffee person but rather a Six O'Clock coffee enjoyer!
And I need my perfect cup of coffee every day every month of the year.

I know a lot of folks who buy Coffee in the bulk and technology has improved to a large extent in the packaging that you could have freshness sealed in within Aluminum based vaccuum sealed packages.

That said, fresh ground coffee powder has a different taste and aroma that, for the discernible connoisseur, would be a telling difference. Fresh ground Coffee powder has that extra sharp aroma that tickles your senses of Olfaction :-) making you want to have that perfect cup of coffee each time you near a packet of coffee.

But how do you keep the fresh ground coffee powder from losing its freshness and aroma as each day passes?

One way that many people already know is to own a coffee grinder and get small amounts each time. That's a hassle for many who rely on Grocery stores to get freshly ground coffee powder and for whom time is at a premium.

Moreover, the cost of small quantities is often very high so you are better off buying in bulk and leaving the chore of grinding it to a one time affair. Buying bulk coffee beans and grinding it on an as-needed basis is also fine but may not work for everyone.

Here's what I have found to keep the taste, aroma, and freshness around for months.

If you buy loose unpackaged Coffee powder or grind it afresh at stores, ensure the contents are in a very good (air tight if possible) package. Retain the amount of Coffee powder you need for short term use in a glass container (very important in my view to store short term use powders in a glass container due to the ability of glass to retain powders in moisture free conditions and also due to malefic effects of plastic containers on aromatic absorbent powders like coffee).

For the remaining Coffee powder, tightly wrap a rubber band and place it in the freezer section of your refrigerator. The freezer section holds the tightly packaged powder in good shape for months. As you use the powder each day, ensure that you give a bit of a shake to the package so the contents don't solidify into a rock. And don't let even the slightest bit of damp hands or droplets of water around the packet at any time.

In my experience, the freshness and aroma lasts for at least three months and starts to dip by miniscule amounts over the next few months. I have found 6 months to be the maximum limit.

Hope this is a good tip for lovers of the morning Cuppa Joe. :-)

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  1. Sorry. No matter how you store coffee, it starts to lose its flavor a couple weeks after roasting.

    All the vacuum-sealed packaging in the world doesn't prevent that. It slows it down some. But it's not like this technology is brand-new... vacuum-sealed containers of cheap coffee such as Sanka and Maxwell House have existed for decades.

    There is no honest substitute for freshly roasted coffee no matter how you try to slow down the aging process.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I agree on the value of fresh roasted ground coffee. This freezer technique has worked really well for me and my wife. Its close to fresh coffee. Try it out and let me know if you think it to be of any value.

  3. BTW, swag, I was not talking about vacuum sealed packaging solving this problem. My experience with it has been rather the same as what you mention. You are right in that it just slows it down a bit. The freezing approach made it much better especially when the open packet was placed inside a ziplock type cover and put in the freezer.

  4. I have tried ziplocs in the freezer, storing it in glass jars in a dark pantry, even the vacuum containers. Nothing has worked as well as the Coffee Savor I got from I can keep my bulk beans in it for over a month with no acid bitter taste. I will agree nothing is better than fresh roasted but this comes in a close second.